Collaborates in managing letters of credit in Tenaris, controlling and
assuring its operativeness and collection. Assists with the Export
Shipping Documents Instructions for all Tenaris orders (open account and
L/Cs) minimizing the risk of non collections and claims due to documents
causes. Assists in the collection of letter-of-credit by issuing and
delivering all required documents in a timely manner according to
Tenaris Instructions. Recollects information and backgound data in case
negotiations with banks are required. Ensures the correct issuance and
delivery of shipping documents for all Open Account business (according
to Tenaris Instructions). MAIN RESPONSIBILITES Ensures the collection of letter-of-credit by verifying a correct analysis of its conditions in line with sales terms, foreign trade standards and the organization’s own internal requirements. Controls the correct issuance of shipping documents for all Tenaris business (Open and L/C Terms), following up on the actions and instructions, giving support to all areas involved in the circuit of shipping documentation. Helps out in taking corrective actions in case critical situations arise before or during an international shipment in order to provide solutions to keep the business safe. Keeps updated info and publishes new practices, procedures and policies for new types of business in all matters related to Shipping Documents and L/Cs. Performs a correct interpretation of Document Instruction and correct issuance of all required documents of the Letter of Credit and Open Account business. Ensures delivery in a timely manner in order to ensure collection and customs clearance. Recollects information and background data in case comments and/or discrepancies arise from Banks regarding the documents delivered for a Letter of Credit up to the insurance of collection. Helps with the proposal for a new course of action in case documents are delayed within bank negotiation. Mantains and records updated information on International Trade and Documentary Normatives published by International Chamber of Commerce. Follows up on the issuance of the Mill Test Certificate, Packing List, TGS invoice or any other document not issued by EIMD. Receives, consolidates and sends them according to Document Instructions. Keeps a proffesional relationships with internal customers/areas (such as Project and Order Management, Logistics, Warehouse, Invoicing, Customs Control, Export Process, Institutional Relations, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Exports, Embassies; Maritime Agencies; Banks; Courier Agencies; Clients; Customs, Customs Broker). Develops and analyzes information, requirements and documents to ensure collection of tax refund in a timely manner. Complies with Tenaris policies, procedures and management standards, and ensures adherence with all laws and regulations that apply to the area of responsibility. Protects from damage, theft or misuse the facilities, equipment and other physical resources assigned to his/her area.

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    ConstrucciónMateriales de construcciónServicios financieros

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